Listen to what people are saying about Mary’s Gourmet and her products:

Mary’s Gourmet Florentynes are my favourite dessert to serve at a dinner party or to give as a hostess gift. They are always a big hit. They are delicious, crunchy ,creamy,nutty layers of freshly toasted almonds enveloped in a buttery caramel toffee and topped with delicious Belgium chocolate. What is not to like! They are the perfect light dessert solution for my sweet tooth.

Francine Quinn-Steeves

When asked if he liked Mary’s Gourmet Florentynes.  He said ” Never mind ‘like’,  I “LOVE” them

Glenn Fillmore

If I had to describe Mary’s Gourmet Florentynes, it would be “mmmmmm” and “pleeease can we have another one”

Beautifully wrapped, I like to use them as hostess gifts. If I actually want to give them away I have to hide them from my family.

Sandi Hester

The Florentynes are amazing… I can’t stop after one. I also love Mary’s new products, the Toffee Societie especially the Dark Chocolate and Cashew and the Swiss Milk Chocolate and Cashew. The combination of sweet and salty is divine.

Sarah Paltar